We realise that whether you are in a rural area or in the City centre, if you are the owner of a huge hotel or a cosy little cottage, pest control is important and as an organisation, JL Pest Control work to suit your needs and find the ideal solution for you.

Our domestic clients often find themselves victim to unwanted visits from rats and house mice, wasps and fleas or bedbugs. All of these household pests can cause irritation, unease and in some cases, increase disease and cause risk of household damage.

Our domestic team are well equipped to deal with these problems and can provide you with as much information as you need. We use the most humane methods to solve your pest problems and will always have a long term solution in mind to ensure you can get back to life after pests with ease.

There are some pests we expect to see in rural areas and understand that if you are an owner of land and reliant on the production of good crop, Rabbits and Moles aren’t as cute or lovable as some people think. Moles and Rabbits can be guilty of contaminating soil, damaging machinery or presenting risk to other wildlife. Moreover, they can both cause damage to the appearance of lawns, golf courses, park areas or plants if left unattended. We can use fencing, a variety of traps or poison to control these animals, and are used to helping farmers and owners of land create long term solutions to the problems moles and rabbits can create.

When working in the hospitality sector, whether you are providing a bed, breakfast or beers, the presence of pests can cause irreparable damage to your reputation. Equally, when you are providing a place of work, inviting people into your office or shop for a meeting, or a browse of the rails, you are obliged to ensure they are safe and comfortable.

With the increased use of social media and the reliance upon reviews, even the smallest of pests can cause your business huge problems and at JL Pest Control, we work in partnership with our clients to ensure they are always protected and one step ahead when it comes to the management of rats, fleas, wasps, seagulls, bedbugs and other everyday pests.

As a business ourselves, we recognise the importance of reliability and understand that there are times when an immediate response is the only option time will allow. We are well versed in health & safety regulations but more importantly, know the importance of your reputation so base our good name on maintaining yours.

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