Wasps are at their most aggressive in Autumn although with them surviving on our sugary foods and drinks, we may notice them more in the summer months. The continental, yellow and black, wasps are common in the Sussex area and tend to be more dangerous than the common wasp. It is important not to aggravate wasps as they will sting if they are looking for energy from your sugary snacks and equally, wasp nests will often need professional attention to be controlled and removed safely.

Fleas can cause rash, irritation and present a risk to pets. Although there a number of products available on the high street to manage fleas, it is easy for fleas to increase in number and become incredibly difficult to manage. In our pest management and prevention service, we are able to eliminate fleas in one visit and help you ensure you are protected against future widespread outbreaks.

Bed Bugs don’t present an immediate risk of disease or illness, but they do cause irritation and can create allergic reactions in many people. For hoteliers, bedbugs can present a huge problem and dramatically affect reputation and income if they aren’t well managed. Bedbugs are flat oval red-brown insects that leave small blood spots and omit a sweet & sticky smell. At JL Pest Control, we are happy to manage bed bugs at a domestic or commercial level and will provide solutions to remove your current infestation and prevent it occurring again.

Rats are infamous for transmitting disease in both humans and livestock. Rats can cause significant damage to food, equipment and building structures whilst making you as an individual incredibly uncomfortable in your own home and as a business owner, at significant risk of bad press and reputation damage. If rats have invited themselves into your home, you’ll usually recognise their spindle shaped rat droppings, left over nesting materials and smears on your floors or surfaces that their greasy bodies tend to leave when they move. JL Pest Control have a number of solutions that will remove rats from your property and prevent them from re-entering your home.

Although rabbits can be seen as family pets, wild rabbits can cause huge challenges for farmers and landowners. Rabbits often cause soil erosion and present a risk to other wildlife. JL Pest Control can use a variety of solutions including fencing and traps to help you control wild Rabbits without seeing them come to harm.

Common in rural areas, moles can cause damage to machinery, cattle, horses, soil and lawns. They tend to contaminate soil and can easily become an incredibly expensive problem to anyone that is managing a significant amount of land. At JL Pests we are experienced in capturing and removing moles in a safe and humane fashion to leave you protected from the potential damage they can cause.

Many people expect to be attacked by a seagull when they visit the seaside, but living in Sussex can mean that pigeons & seagulls become a real issue. They are infamous for carrying disease, disturbing wildlife, and causing inconvenience to people that are trying to eat or simply enjoy the outdoors. JL Pest Control are experienced in managing seagulls and pigeons and can provide a number of solutions to prevent perching and swooping in your immediate surroundings.

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